FlowAnalyser PRO - Webserver

New software V4.18.003 - Webserver

The FlowAnalyser PRO can be integrated into a LAN network.
The webserver offers the following features:

· Monitor measured values from the FlowAnalyser PRO, even over longer distances
· Monitor and reset statistic values
· Export measured values as a CVS file (data snapshot)
· Display and download saved reports (PDF and CSV) from the FlowAnalyser PRO


How do I connect my FlowAnalyser PRO to a LAN network?


1. Connect the FlowAnalyser PRO to your LAN network via Ethernet cable (Webserver port).

2. Open the menu     Settings -> Device -> Ethernet     The FlowAnalyser PRO automatically detects a free IP address in the LAN network via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

3. Start a browser and enter the detected IP address (see note in FlowAnalyser PRO). The integrated web server automatically connects to the browser.


Installation Instruction
· Download the update file from our website and copy it onto a regular USB stick.
· Switch on the FlowAnalyser PRO and connect the USB stick.
· Go to menu About and select Software Update and follow the instructions.

Published on October 2022 Back