Our passion

We have been developing measuring devices for medical technology since 1999, both as mobile applications and for the laboratory. Secure. Reliable. Precise. Capable. Trendsetting.

We want to build the best test systems for respirators and anaesthesia machines. It is our passion to develop medical measuring devices to perfection and to bring them onto the market at affordable prices. Thanks to our decades of experience, we are today setting the industry standard in gas, pressure and flow measuring devices

True to the principle of ‘safety first’, each respirator or anaesthesia machine needs an annual safety inspection in which the function and components are inspected in detail for the safety of patients. The CITREX series mobile gas, flow and pressure measuring devices or the FlowAnalyser test device are exceptionally suited to these regular inspections.


Curiosity and engineering expertise lead to smart solutions.

We develop high-performance and precise medical measuring devices in the best quality. True to the principle that state-of-the-art technology should remain affordable – constant curiosity, decades of engineering experience and efficient development ensure that our standard of quality nevertheless remains available at an affordable price.


We are certified to ISO13485 and ISO17025 accredited. Our experience guarantees the highest quality in medical measuring devices.

Our sustainable and innovative products are the result of our developers’ enthusiasm and passion for the latest medical technology, the use of the highest quality and the motivation for lifelong learning.

Customer Care

Our commitment does not end when you buy our measuring devices. This is where it begins.

You look for the measuring device which optimally suits your needs. On request, our experienced and globally active team of advisers support you in making your selection.

Our customer support goes one step further. With effective global customer support, a sophisticated further training programme, regular technical and user training, and continuous transfer of expertise in the context of our online academy, we support you well beyond your decision to buy our gas, flow and pressure measuring devices. We place particular emphasis on training you to correctly use our measuring devices to verify or calibrate respirator and anaesthesia machines.

Close to the Customer

Thanks to our central locations and calibration centres, we provide you with optimal and fast service – all over the world.

The head office of IMT Analytics AG is in the heart of Europe, on the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2016, we have also been active in Singapore with IMT Analytics Pte. Ltd., one of the most important Asian business hubs. With our calibration centres in Europe and Asia, as well as our powerful sales and service organisation, we are one step closer to you, our customers.

Our success is then guaranteed if you as our customer or trading partner experience long-term success. This is why the highest customer satisfaction is part of our company culture.