CITREX H3 entry-level Ventilator Tester

The cost-effective entry-level model for mobile use.

With the CITREX H3, ventilators can be simply tested and calibrated. The built-in pressure and gas flow sensors facilitate the simultaneous measurement of various parameters. The ventilator tester can measure and calculate the most important ventilation parameters. With flexible trigger settings and an optional oxygen sensor, the CITREX H3 is the ideal entry-level device.


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Oxygen option

Oxygen option

The fast and accurate measurement of oxygen concentration is an important function in verifying and calibrating ventilators and other medical devices. The optional oxygen sensor for the CITREX H3 is available for new equipment and later as a retrofit kit. Oxygen concentration is measured directly in the flow channel so there is no additional module needed.

Bidirectional flow measurement

The H3 measuring method provides an extremely accurate, bidirectional flow, volume and pressure measurement with a very small flow resistance.


Ventilation parameters

The CITREX H3 ventilator tester can measure and display 16 different ventilation parameters. Pressure, volume, and flow parameters can be displayed in real-time on the color screen. These parameters and their units can be easily configured with the integrated web server or directly on the CITREX H3.

Gas standards and gas types

Up to 5 gas types or mixtures such as air, air/O2 or N2O/O2 and 9 gas standards allow a wide range of applications in medical devices.

Easycal analyser calibration

EasyCal Calibration Service

The convenient, simple calibration service.

Have your CITREX H3 calibrated annually so that it will continue to produce high-precision measurements.

With the EasyCal calibration service, you can have your CITREX H3 calibrated and maintained easily in order to extend the service life of your gas flow and pressure measuring device.

You can determine the pick-up time for your IMT Analytics device on our online platform and automatically generate shipment and customs papers.

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