MultiGasAnalyser OR-703

Smallest multi-gas sensor in the world.

CITREX H5 in combination with the MultiGasAnalyser, offers the best and easiest solution for testing anesthesia devices. With the MultiGasAnalyser OR-703, you can also extend CITREX H5 to measure CO2, N2O, halothane, enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane.

The IMT Analytics MultiGasAnalyser OR-703 impresses with its compact design. The interior is characterized by the latest microsystem technology. The MultiGasAnalyser OR-703 offers unrivaled flexibility when testing anesthesia gas dosage, CO2 measuring devices or monitoring anesthesia devices. The sensor head measures the infrared light absorption at different wavelenghts and determines the exact gas concentration in mixed gases.

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CITREX H5 Protector

Robust, solid and functional.

CITREX H5 Protector protects your device perfectly. It contains a rubberized soft upper and a solid bottom. The gas flow analyser CITREX H5 stands absolutely stable on your workbench. The accessibility of the measuring connections on the back is guaranteed. CITREX H5 Protector makes your device even better.

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Citrex H5 Protector


Stable support thanks to CITREX Stand.

CITREX Stand provides additional stability for testing on smooth surfaces. The mobile pedestal is equipped with two magnets to connect it to the gas flow and pressure analysers CITREX H3, CITREX H4 and CITREX H5. The mounting angle is steplessly adjustable. The CITREX H3, CITREX H4 and CITREX H5 transport bag provides enough space to carry CITREX Stand, which can be folded for transport and storage.


Oxygen sensor

Oxygen measurement with highest precision.

The fast and accurate measurement of the oxygen contentration is an important criterion for the verification and calibration of respiratory and anesthesia devices. The oxygen sensor was specially designed for our CITREX devices to offer long-lasting and reliable functionality.

However, a precise oxygen sensor alone is not sufficient for accurate measurement results. This is why all of our analysers have fully automated and self-contained calibration functions for oxygen sensors. This ensures small tolerances in the long term.

The correct oxygen content during ventilation is of fundamental importance, that’s why we are only satisfied with high-precision results.

Adapter set

Flexible in everyday life.

In mobile applications, flexibility is an important factor. Thanks to the large adapter selection of the FlowAnalyser adapter set, you can easily and correctly connect your test object. The precise intermediary elements offer particularly small spaces and minimal cross-section differences and allow high measurement accuracy and flexibility.

Improvised adapters are a thing of the past thanks to this set.

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Our innovative and cost-effective test lungs safely test ventilators and anesthesia machines for function and precision. Variable patient parameters such as resistance, compliance or airway leakage can all be adjusted independently. Both SmartLung and EasyLung are extremely handy and user-friendly.

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