Dropbox - why is it not working?

The Dropbox feature is no longer available and is replaced by an Embedded Webserver to view and download Test Reports

With the Embedded Webserver, you can monitor readings from the CITREX H5 in a web browser. This feature enables seamless integration of the CITREX H5 into a WLAN network.

The embedded web server in CITREX H5 provides the following features:

  • Monitoring of measured values from the CITREX H5, even over long distances
  • Monitoring and resetting of statistical values
  • Export of measured values as a CSV file (data snapshot)
  • Display and download of saved test reports (in PDF and CSV formats) from the CITREX H5. 

How do I connect to the Embedded Webserver of my CITREX H5 via WLAN?

  1. Open the Settings menu, select Wi-Fi, and ensure Wi-Fi is enabled. Select your preferred Wi-Fi network and select Connect (if your network is secured via password, a pop-up will appear where you can enter it). The CITREX H5 automatically detects a free IP address in the WLAN via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

  2. Start a web browser and enter the detected IP address. The web browser automatically connects to the Embedded Webserver of the CITREX H5.

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