Measurements - How is Pplateau measurend in the Gas Flow Analysers of IMT Analytics?

A plateau is detected if the flow drops below a threshold value for at least 5ms and the flow is stable.

For the adult and pediatric respiratory modes, the threshold is set to 3L/min and 1L/min respectively. For the automatic respiratory mode, the threshold is automatically set based on the measured tidal volume. The flow is considered stable if it does not change quickly. This means that the flow must not change more than 0.4L/min during the plateau.

Some medical ventilators may induce oscillations when a plateau is initiated. Fast oscillations that are decaying quickly, are registered as the start of the plateau.

Furthermore, a plateau has a minimum duration of 80ms. If the detected plateau is shorter, no plateau correlated values are displayed.

Note that the plateau detection is not active for the Respiratory Mode ‘High Frequency’.

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