MultiGasAnalyser OR-703

Smallest multi-gas sensor in the world.

The FlowAnalyser, in combination with the MultiGasAnalyser, offers the best and easiest solution for testing anesthesia devices. With the MultiGasAnalyser OR-703, the FlowAnalyser measures CO2, N2O, Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane.


The IMT Analytics MultiGasAnalyser OR-703 impresses with its compact design. The interior is characterized by the latest microsystem technology. The MultiGasAnalyser OR-703 offers unrivaled flexibility when testing anesthesia gas dosage, CO2 measuring devices or anesthesia monitoring devices. The sensor head measures the infrared light absorption at different wavelengths and determines the exact gas concentration in mixed gases.

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RS 232 remote control

RS-232 cable – The first step towards full automation.

The RS-232 connector enables respiratory device manufacturers to fully integrate the FlowAnalyser into an automated test system. With ASCII-based commands you can simply upload measured values from the FlowAnalyser to your own service software.

Medical device manufacturers such as Breas AB or CPR Medical Devices integrate the FlowAnalyser into their service software via the RS-232 serial interface which enables their service technicians to perform automated calibration and testing procedures.


Adapter set

Flexible in everyday life.

In mobile applications, flexibility is an important factor. Thanks to the large adapter selection of the FlowAnalyser adapter set, you can easily and correctly connect your test object. The precise intermediary elements offer particularly small spaces and minimal cross-section differences and allow high measurement accuracy and flexibility.

Improvised adapters are a thing of the past thanks to this set.

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