Which gas standards and gas types can the flow and pressure meter FlowAnalyser PF-300 measure?

Up to 8 predefined gas types or mixtures such as air, air / O2, O2, N2O / O2, N2O, CO2, Heliox, and N2. In addition, the FlowLab software tool can be used to create custom gas mixtures for the measurement.

Furthermore, the flow and pressure meter FlowAnalyser can differentiate between the following 17 gas standards: ATP, ATPD, ATPS, AP21, STP, STPH, BTPS, BTPS-A, BTPD, BTPD-A, 0/1013, 20/981, 15/1013, 25/991, 20/1013, NTPD, NTPS.

The high number of gas standards and types of gas allows a very wide range of applications in medical devices and industry.

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