How do the apps of the CITREX H5 test device simplify your daily work? - 2017

CITREX H5 ventilator tester – Webinar

27. September 2017

imtmedical academy Webinar







This 30-minutes webinar...

gives you an insight into the measurement methodology of our latest ventilator tester, the CITREX H5. It can be used to measure pressure and flow with the highest precision, while the generous 4.3-inch touch screen offers you an ideal overview of the measurements at any time.

The focus of this webinar is on the apps, which enable you to perform a quick test and verification testing of bellavista ventilators under guidance. Take part, ask questions, and see for yourself the benefits of the CITREX H5 apps for your daily work.


Wednesday September 27th 2017, 9:00 MDT - 9:30 MDT
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Wednesday September 27th 2017, 16:00 SGT - 16:30 SGT
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Presented by Marco Kellenberger...

has a long-standing experience as a service technician for ventilation equipment, using various instruments from imtmedical. As a product manager for our company's ventilator testers, he is familiar with all the technical aspects of the FlowAnalyser and CITREX range.

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