Patient condition simulation

Test lungs used for more than just a routine functional checks, require adjustable compliance and resistance. Only by assessing these values, can changes in a patient’s condition be simulated and understood.

A good test lung allows for changing the resistance from 5 mbar/L/s up to 200 mbar/l/s. The compliance (ability to stretch and expand) must be adjustable between 1 mL/mbar and 30 mL/mbar. Furthermore, the test lung should have an adjustable leakage in order to simulate leaky tubes, masks and loose connections.

The easy adjustment of compliance and resistance make the IMT Analytics test lungs a compact and user-friendly tool for your daily needs.

IMT Analytics test lungs are a low cost alternative to high-end test lungs, who not only allow for adjustable parameters but also record measurements. If you combine an IMT Analytics test lung with our FlowAnalyser or CITREX devices, you will achieve comparable performance.

The benefits of IMT Analytics test lungs

  • Every part is replaceable
  • Autoclavable
  • High quality
  • Longevity
  • Patented

Adjustable resistance

Simulate multiple airway-resistances with a simple twist of the connector.

Leakage simulation

The leakage is adjusted by turning the knob on the side.

Adjustable compliance

Change the lung stiffness by simply shifting the slider without the need for an adapter.

Compact and user-friendly

Includes a convenient and practical transport bag.

Test Lung

SmartLung 2000

With the new SmartLung 2000, you can test ventilator compliance with the following standards: IEC 60601-2-12,IEC 60601-2-13 and EN 794-3

  • 2000mL bag
  • Applicable volume from 0 to 1000 mL
  • Testing according to IEC standards (ventilators and anaesthesia machines)
  • Outstanding features for patient simulations in ventilator training and testing

The SmartLung 2000 is smaller and more portable than other full feature test lungs. It comes with adjustable compliance from 25 to 75 Ml/mbar and adjustable resistance from 5 to 200 mbar/L/s and thanks to its controllable leak, the leak-compensation of a ventilator can be tested. It is also possible to test the patient-trigger-function with the SmartLung 2000.

The SmartLung 2000 is the best tool for testing your ventilator and anesthesia devices and an ideal addition to our flow- and pressure measurement devices, FlowAnalyser and CITREX. By simply moving the slider, the test lung can simulate different degrees of lung stiffness and a simple twist of the connector is all it takes to simulate different airway resistances.

Technical specifications
SmartLung 2000 medical test lung

SmartLung Adult

The SmartLung Adult simulates adult lungs.

  • 1000mL-bag
  • Applicable volume from 0 to 600 mL
  • The lung parameters resistance, compliance and leakage can be set to different levels
  • Extremely handy and user friendly
  • Top price to performance ratio

SmartLung offers the same performance as large, more expensive test lungs. The SmartLung is unbeatable in terms of price to performance ratio. The airway resistance, lung compliance, and leakage are all adjustable. It is extremely simple to use and so compact that it can be connected directly to the ventilator tubing system.

Its size eliminates the cumbersome side-tables needed by large test lungs. Different sizes ensure that virtually all patient lungs can be simulated, from babies to adults. The SmartLung does not require any additional adapters. It is compatible with both 22mm and 15 mm patient tubing connectors.

SmartLung leakage is infinitely variable and enables verification of infant ventilators as well as mask ventilation. Even the sensitive function of the patient flow triggering can be tested with the SmartLung.

Combined with the FlowAnalyser or CITREX devices from IMT Analytics you can measure pressure, flow and volume specifications.

Technical specifications
SmartLung Adult

SmartLung Infant

SmartLung Infant simulates the lungs of young children while offering the same performance as our other SmartLung products.

  • 500-mL bag
  • Applicable volume from 0 to 200 mL
  • The lung parameters resistance, compliance and leakage can be set to different levels
  • Extremely handy and user friendly
  • Top price to performance ratio

IMT Analytics test lungs are a simple and cost-efficient solution to safely verify ventilators and anesthetic devices for functionality and precision.

Technical specifications
SmartLung Infant


EasyLung – For your daily quick-check

  • 1000mL bag
  • Volume cannot be adjusted
  • Parts made from robust materials, autoclavable at 134 °C
  • Practical double taper connection with both OD 22mm and OD 15mm
  • Compact and cost-effective

The EasyLung is a cost effective, universally applicable test lung with many benefits for use with ventilators and anaesthesia machines. It can be used for routine quick checks, validation purposes, or annual inspections. The EasyLung combines a unique design with replaceable parts made from high quality materials. The lung can be autoclaved at 134 °C and its double taper connection provides the ideal option to connect to different patient tubing systems.

High quality material

  • High performance silicone bag
  • Replaceable individual parts
  • Trusted IMT Analytics design
Technical specifications
IMT Analytics EasyLung

EasyLung Neonatal

The EasyLung Neonatal is the ideal test lung for neonatal ventilators.

  • 20mL @ PEEP = 0 mbar; PInsp = 30mbar
  • 0,7 mL/mbar @ Vt 20 mL
  • 45 mm × 150 mm

The EasyLung Neonatal simulates the smallest patients such as, premature infants, neonates or infants, who require precise and sensitive ventilation with the highest accuracy in the application of tidal volume.

Technical specifications
IMT Analytics EasyLung for neonates