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Biomedical Gas Flow Analyzers

Gas flow analysers and ventilator testers to test any medical device that exerts pressure or produces flow.

Our analysers precisely measure flows, pressures, gas temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration. They can be used to test many types of ventilators and a variety of medical gas flow and pressure devices such as oxygen concentrators, endoscopic insufflators, anaesthesia machines, flow meters, pressure gauges, suction devices and piped gases. Devices from IMT Analytics are designed to perform calibration or verification during preventive or periodic maintenance or repair service.

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FlowAnalyser PF-300 gas flow analysers

Premium bench-top ventilator tester for engineers and health care professionals.

Test, verify and calibrate any kind of medical device that exerts pressure or produces flow such as ventilators, respirators and anaesthesia machines.

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PF300 Gas Flowanalyser
Citrex H5 ventilator tester

CITREX H5 high-end Ventilator Tester

The best mobile gas flow analyser in its class.

The ideal all-in-one testing device for biomedical technicians, independent service organisations, anaesthesia device and ventilator manufacturers. It offers the most advanced user interface for easy and fast application. It enables users to individually configure their measuring screens.

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CITREX H4 portable Ventilator Tester

The versatile mobile ventilator tester for comprehensive testing.

The test device is ideal for mobile use. Thanks to the integrated battery and the simple charging, you can stay independent for hours. Due to its high measurement performance, CITREX H4 can test a variety of devices.

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Citrex H4 ventilator tester
Citrex H3 ventilator tester

CITREX H3 entry-level Ventilator Tester

A cost-effective mobile flow and pressure testing device for uncomplicated testing of various medical devices.

The CITREX H3 is designed to meet the requirements for fast and easy measurement. The device is equipped with the necessary functions essential when measuring gas flow, pressure and ventilation parameters.

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EasyCal Calibration Service

The convenient, simple calibration service.

The easy-to-use global calibration service for your biomedical testing device from IMT Analytics.

By using EasyCal annually, the high measurement accuracy of your testing device will be preserved. Alongside calibration and maintenance of your measuring device, EasyCal also includes installation of the most up-to-date software, as well as the replacement of individual parts of the device (if necessary).

With only a handful of clicks, you can determine when your gas flow measuring device will be picked up and automatically create the associated freight and customs papers on our online platform.

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