Gas Standard - Which gas standards and gas types can the biomedical testing device CITREX measure?

Up to 6 gas types or mixtures such as air, air / O2, O2, N2O / O2, N2O and CO2.

Moreover, all CITREX biomedical testing devices can distinguish the following 9 gas standards: ATP, ATPD, ATPS, AP21, STP, STPH, BTPS, BTPS-A und BTPD.

Additional gas types and gas standards are available for the biomedical testing devices CITREX H4 and CITREX H5: These are the two gas types Heliox (21% O2) and N2 as well as the 8 gas standards 0/1013, NTPD, NTPS, BTPD-A, 20/981, 15/1013, 25/991 und 20/1013.

The high number of gas standards and gas types allows a very wide range of applications in medical devices.

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