FlowAnalyser PRO Gas Flow Analysers

Premium bench-top ventilator tester for engineers and health care professionals with a beautiful, high resolution multi-touch user interface that is completely configurable.

The FlowAnalyser PRO with its extreme precision and reliability, is capable of testing a wide range of medical devices such as respiratory and anesthesia devices, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices.

It incorporates unique automatic breath detection, a remote-control interface, data storage, internal battery, and FlowLab, the high-end PC-based Software tool.

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Biomedical Test-Sets

FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO test sets combine PF-300 PRO with comprehensive accessories suitable for calibration and verification of all ventilators and anesthesia machines.

  • Automatic Breath Detection
  • Highest Flow Accuracy
  • Ultra-Low Flow Measurement
  • Pressure & Vacuum Measurements
  • High Resolution Multi-touch Display
  • Lightweight Portability
  • 16-Hour Battery Life
  • Integrated Apps with Guided Test Sequences
  • SmartLung 2000
  • FlowLab Software
  • OR-703 MultiGasAnalyser
Biomedical Test-Sets
Highest Flow Accuracy

Highest Flow Accuracy

The FlowAnalyser PRO measures ultra-low flow, with a range of -1 to 1 L/min, to test low-flow anesthesia devices, sidestream capnometers, pneumatic valves, rinse flows, oxygen flow meters and more.

The main flow channel measures all respiratory parameters for infant, pediatric, adult, and high frequency ventilators including oxygen concentration, gas temperature and humidity.

Apps with Test Sequences

Run tests easier and faster with our apps.

The FlowAnalyser PRO ventilator tester supports apps for testing and calibrating many devices. The apps enable fast and accurate testing. Entire test sequences are displayed with images and texts and measurements are taken automatically. The test results are recorded in a PDF report, that can be signed directly on the screen.

Apps with Test Sequences
Automatic Breath Detection

Automatic Breath Detection

Measure breath based respiratory parameters with automatic trigger detection for conventional and high-frequency medical ventilators.

The FlowAnalyser PRO can automatically detect the breath phase, inhalation or exhalation, for a wide range of respiratory devices, including BiPAP machines, and high frequency ventilators. For high-frequency ventilators, breaths up to 2000 bpm can be precisely measured.

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Easy to Use Interface

The FlowAnalyser PRO offers a beautiful, high resolution multi-touch user interface that is completely configurable.

The Direct-Access keys allow you to see at a glance which parameters are measured by each port.

Selecting any Direct-Access key displays the parameter and its limits to make using the FlowAnalyser PRO intuitive and easy.

Easy to Use Interface

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